Reasons To Wear Plus-Sized Renaissance Costumes

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The Renaissance period is also known as the Medieval era in American history. This special cultural time brings with it fabulous and vibrant costumes. Particularly popular during this era were Rubenesque women. Rubens, an era painter, took pride in painting portraits of plus-sized women. These women were plump, well-rounded and in high demand. Today’s plus-size women and men can show their interest in this era throughout the year. There are a number of reasons that individuals can wear these costumes throughout the year. Reasons are discussed below.

Perfect Halloween costumes
People are always looking for ways to adopt new characters and personalities for this costume-themed special holiday. Dressing up as an appealing Renaissance figure will fit the bill. These costumes fit in perfectly as a Halloween costume. Most apparel during this era was heavy, thick and covered the entire body. This fits in perfectly with the colder temperatures associated with this special holiday.

This history era is known for its peasants, royalty, working class folk, and soldiers. Women with a sexier side can wear a Gypsy Princess costume to show some leg and cleavage. This outfit comes with a side-laced corset and peasant halter top. Put on the matching head scarf and people will want to start coming to you to get their fortunes told.

Men wanting a simple costume can come dressed as a monk. Floor-length robes are laced up the front. Hooded robes are one size fits all. The colorful embroidery adds to the elegance and dignity.

Renaissance fairs
Renaissance fairs take everyone on a journey through this special time of history. Fairs include shows, food, music, and artwork displayed in a number of ways. No fair is complete without people wearing plus-sized Renaissance costumes. Women may chose to be fair maidens and come dressed in a full-length velvet gown. Flowing sleeves cover the entire arm. Complete the ensemble by wearing the attached drape and matching headpiece.

Chivalry and gallantry were the craze during this era. Men can show their festive side by attending the fair dressed as a Knight of the Round Table. Men wearing this outfit will show others that This costume will fit men with up to a 54 inch chest size. The floor-length outfit comes with both an inner and outer portion. The inner portion includes a long-sleeved, squared Anglo-Saxon style square cut. Cover this with the outer portion of a floor-length outer royal blue tunic and you will lay the foundation for success. Complete the ensemble by wearing the provided studded cloth helmet, thick belt and gauntlets. Accessories like swords and shields are available to add extra pizzazz and character.

Report presentations
Presentations can be boring or memorable. Make yours memorable by dressing up as the Renaissance character you are presenting in your report. Men who are writing about Henry the VIII can provide the imagery and complete the picture by wearing a Renaissance costume of this character. No one will forget it. The costume includes a colorful feathered hat and a tunic with attached vest. Do not forget the memorable gem medallion necklace to leave a lasting impression on your listeners and viewers.

The Medieval era is a memorable time of history. Dressing up as a Renaissance character throughout the year can add spice, excitement and enjoyment to anyone’s life.

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